If we had YouTube when I was a teen there would definitely be "What's in my Caboodle?" Videos. :)

ChildHood Memories... I still do these :P

i remember doing this all the time in school!!

Ditto machines...all you teachers out there who remember the purple fingers....remember the smell?

Leather bag - had one almost exactly like this.


Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks??

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you know you had a caboodle!!! :-)

I had this when i was really little


You had to have one to be cool. ohhhh trapper keeper <3

loved them

If you remember these you had an awesome childhood- snap them and they explode - my boys loved them as well

My mom LOVED troll dolls. She had them in her dresser drawer, and my sister and I used to get them out and look at them.

Omg I had this when I was little :)


'Simon' memory game is great for kids

Alf--this ones for you Megan Damrell!