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  • Wendy Kocher

    Organizing purses with a curtain rod + shower rings = genius! #diy #storage #ideas #purse #rail #hanger

  • Sherry Dautel

    PURSE ORGANIZATION (use shower curtain rings on either you current closet rod or add a curtain rod)

  • PS Impressions Photography

    Are your purses cluttered on a shelf or the closet floor like mine? I love this idea of using shower curtain rings as purse hangers if you have enough closet space...

  • Isabel Martínez

    I think this is a great idea even if you own your home and do not want to do a permanent change in a closet - I currently hang my bags on hangers in my office closet - need more room! I am going to try this and use the open shower curtain hooks. Rings would require to much work, I want to just lift the handbag off of the hook | if you're renting install a shower tension rod + shower curtain rings to hang purses instead of a permanent fixture

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Curtain rods as purse racks! As this blogger says, "If you don't see it, you don't use it." She also says, "If it doesn't have a home, it tends to roam." Makes sense! Check out her blog. I can't stop reading it!!! I've already gotten so many ideas!

Handbag Organization - - If you have purses stuffed into closets, tucked under the bed, and stashed in drawers, it's time to take inventory. Weed out worn or out-of-style pieces, keeping only those you love and will use. Then hang your purses in a prominent location so they're easy to spot and grab. Shower rings make it a snap to hold bags aloft on a closet rod.

Organization of the Scarves- shower curtain rings- on a hanger. Clever

Shower curtain hooks to hang purses in your closet...This is from Organize And Decorate Everything.

Use shower curtain rings to organize/display bags on a closet rod! For my walk in closet one day.

turn a shower caddy into a craft room organizer (could also be done for an office, kitchen or bathroom)

Curtain rod purse holder...instead maybe using a shower curtain tension rod and using decorative shower curtain rings...sounds easier than having to take off the whole rod to grab a certain purse like in this pic... :)

We love this closet organization tip from Better Homes and Gardens! Hang shower curtain rings on a closet rod so you're fabulous bags are always in sight.

Shaving stand - brilliant!

Hang It Up Keep gift wrap and crafts supplies organized with a wire shower caddy. Hang one for wrapping supplies and a second one for crafting supplies. Use ribbons to suspend cans filled with pencils, paintbrushes, and more from the hooks.

Genius-Ideas-use-shower-curtain-rings-to-hand-multiple-scarves-on-one-hanger.jpg (620×1014)

LL - Shower curtain rings to hang shorts. Why didn't I think of that? Idea for closet.