Life Before Death: A series of portraits of terminally ill people in their final days, and shortly after. Sobering. Eloquent.


Lee Jeffries - Homeless souls..

Life is good.

'Mbali' by Rolando Silva.

Samuel Beckett

I need a wrinkly old man to photograph; they make the best subjects. - Photography by Jonathan Rosser

"Vietnamese Girl"rom the Watchmen (2009) series by Clay Enos

by Nguyen Dinh Quoc Van. Old man, male, guy, oldie, beard, hands, fingers, stick, profile, portrait, wrinckles, a face that have stories to tell, beauty, face, powerful, intense, photograph, photo b/w.

Gipsy Kings Ghettographik Portraits by BRUNO PAIXÃO

Jeff Bridges

Life Before Death - These photos of people before and after death are strangely fascinating. Very sad, yet beautiful...and gives so much food for thought.

Elation: One of National Geographic's top images this year

By Quim Fabregas Elias: a beautiful portrait of a sad 15-year-old bride marrying her cousin, and not being able to go to college as she wished.

Looks like he's seen a lot of life - Rostros / Faces

Lee Jeffries photograph of homeless man. He has lived with and made friends with these homeless people gaining their trust before he photographs them - what's his story?

A pinner shares: The big picture: Homeless In 2008 an amateur photographer began photographing homeless people.

simply beautiful eyes