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Great for measurement lessons. Can be used with Leo Lionni's book "Inch by Inch."

Inch by Inch standard measurement story extension...Make worms in different lengths and tape around the classroom. Children measure and record findings.

Steve Jenkins has so many wonderful books, filled with amazing illustrations and facts. His site also provides lesson plan ideas to go with them.

Land of Gallon: There are four Queens(quarts). Each Queen has a Prince and Princess(pint). Each Prince and Princess has two children(cups)!

Idea for measurement lesson: Sadly, the link where this idea came from is dead, but the idea can be seen well enough from the image. See how many inches long many different people's feet are. In a homeschool, this could be each member of the family--perhaps neighbors and friends if you can convince them to join in! :)

Body outlines in the block center - great science & math connection (count the # of blocks needed)

Another pinner said: I add each cat chased 8 mice (ounces). I know it doesn't start with O, but they are small and so are ounces. Plus the kids always think it is so funny that the kingdom/castle becomes infested with mice!---I teach the Big G, but I like the story that goes with it...might help some kiddos!

Marshmallow Measurement is a yummy and fun way for your kiddos to explore nonstandard measurement! Provide students with mini and regular size mars...

Measurement: Students place wiggly worms in order according to length. Pre-cut strips of green construction paper in various lengths and have the children pick a piece. They cut out and decorate their worms any way they want. Put them in order as a class.