1967 American Motors Ambassador 990 Station Wagon by coconv, via Flickr

1959 Chevrolet Apache 4x4

59 Caddy

1965 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon

DeLorean Station Wagon

1960 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe

1968 American Motors AMX

A Mustang Station Wagon

1967 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon - the family car that carted around 8 kids and parents! Ours was avocado green!The Rear Seat faced back...that was a fun ride!

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Blacklisted Old Cadillac.

1967 Chevy Impala Station Wagon

1948 Hudson Commodore Station Wagon

Mercury Wagon

I want a classic station wagon. I think I have a thing for station wagons.

'59 vintage station wagons

1967 Mustang

1956 Chevrolet Beauville Station Wagon

1967 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon.

The Oldsmobile Futuramic station wagon, 1949.***Research for possible future project.

Mercury Station Wagon