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    I had no idea....

    • itzelk elmer

      Thoughts, Ideas, Friends, Life, Love You, Quotes, Sotrue, So True, Truths. You mean the world to me!

    • Its Just Me

      @Katie Schmeltzer Jones really I didn't have any idea how things would turn out or how we got here are my best friend and I can't imagine a better person than you. You put up with twilight and me obsessing over Edward when no one else will. Thank you ;)

    • Heather Parks

      I had no idea that some random guy a friend of mine had a middle school crush on would end up being the man of my dreams, my best friend, the love of my life, the future father of my future children, and my God sent mate! :-)

    • Mandie Warren

      I had no idea. I thought you were pretty cool, but I had no idea that you would become my best friend and my sister. You are now my best friend, my sister, my counsler, my world. I love you.

    • Katherine Hayes

      so true.. i thought you just talked to me bc of how i felt. tbh i didn't know that we would be so close. like we have been friends almost a year and im so lucky to have you as a best friend. i wish we were sisters, but we aren't... ANYWAYS ILY AND I HOPE WE WILL STILL BE FRIENDS IN THE FUTURE AND HAPPY BDAY! ❤️

    • Sarah Fine

      fate, so true i would have never thought that the guy who got on my nerves in high school, i would marry and he would be my best friend!

    • Ariana Mau

      It's like the first time I watched a TobyGames video! I thought youtubers were the stupidest thing in the world! I never imagined they would be such a big part of my life...

    • Nancy Wells

      This is such truth. When we first met, I couldn't stop smiling at you. But I thought you'd just be another crush, as I'd never have the courage to tell you how much I like you. But I didn't have to, because we talked, became quick friends, & before I knew it, the best day of my life happened, when you said those simple words. That simple question that no one had ever spoken to me. It's what began us, & we've had some tough times, but we've made it work, we continue to make the distance work. ❤️

    • My Life

      Kristy. I hope you see this. Idk if you check this still or not. The thing that scared me the most the first thought that came into my head when i was told i am being transferred was "oh no its another opportunity for someone I've opened up to and gotten close to, to walk away from me and leave". Even saying this is making me cry. It seems like everytime something BIG changes i lose ppl who mean the most to me and i cant imagine losing you. Youve helped me so much this past year. Please dont go.

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    I think this every night before I go to bed, when his arms are wrapped around me until I fall asleep. I can't imagine my life without him now ♥

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    True when we met, true when we decided to be together... True in our break and true now... Always

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    Ohh this is so true! Man ohh man! I lived with this quote for years! Then i sat back and realized im waisting away my life. For what? He doesn't care about me. I should atleast care for myself.

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