#0707 | so when i look back on that before picture i took a year ago theres a significant difference Weight Loss!!

Reason #...

i want to be that girl at the gym with you..workin out not watching!




damn straight

Not worry about the pictures being taken of you and how you look. #juliomedina #p90x #shakeology #fitness #motivation

Reasons to Be Fit on tumblr: #0303 - to feel the best I've felt in years.

.Do I want to look like her? No. Can I high kick already? Yes, but she gets more air than I do (and I'm cool with that). I want to match up what's going on inside with what's happening outside. This is the year to do it.

Motivation to be fit.

I can honestly say that I do feel prettiest when, I'm working out and sweating. I feel a since of euphoria after working out, and nothing can replace that feeling.


The before pictures become the before workout picture vs the post workout, drenched in sweat, killed the workout picture.

Reasons to be fit

Reasons to be fit

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my reason to be fit...