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    • Tim Miller

      Silas arrives back in Symmzinnati with two British scientists. The reasons are classified by the Xenoglaux Design Bureau.


      Vivien Leigh with Peter Finch

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    Top Secret

    Colani Sea-Ranger (Colani), 1979


    I know you would like to know what we use this vehicle for at Xenoglaux. Does it matter really? You know we are up to something cool when we roll by with this bad boy.

    Kitanica Mark 1

    Quite a surprise when we managed to make a Time Frame Transport audio hook up with this woman the same night as the other test, which you can see on this board. Also, it is the house next door. Of course she had a hard time believing we were calling from the year 2012, soon to be '13. She figured a prank New Year's Eve call. She and the other woman were upset they were not invited for the party next door. Her tasty creamed corn souffle on the counter, gone to waste. Darn shame.

    Xenoglaux's Lunar Research Observatory. This is a holographic isolation room. As you can see, this image was made in 1936. Holography in 1936? Let's just say, we lassoed the moon and put it in a room.

    Old Computer Center

    An internal communications station at XDB.

    The annual white coat inspection at Xenoglaux. Were that we could show you what lies beyond the doorways.

    Classified image of prototype robot designed by godless designers determined to merge humans with information technology. We have named this machine, IT. Part of our "Stop IT Now!" research section. We are watching for the laws of God and the laws of robotics to be violated eventually. Some of the team think the anti-Christ will be a cyborg of some sort.

    One of the many elevators at the XDB. In our on going search for the lost world at the center of the Earth. Yes, this is at 2,231 feet below the surface at Elevator #40

    Two XDB workers in training to defend the center from attack. Trust me, all our women are crack shots. They will take you down and then ask questions.

    Deep in the Xenoglaux archives of collections dating back to the late 18th century are cataloged.

    The charge of the XDB to prove our founders work of the possibility of a hollow Earth or other planetary bodies is never ending. Here we see a senior researcher explain how there could be an entrance to the center of the Earth at the equator. Stupid? Yes. It is in our charter though and legend has it that if we stop with the quest, something bad will happen to our beloved hometown of Symmzinnati.

    We're the Xenoglaux Design Bureau.....and we're listening.

    At Xenoglaux we are observing.....

    From the XDB archives. This device was designed for use by the Women's Liberation Propaganda Patrol in 1972. It had dual use at rallies and screaming at random men walking by. Every time a man even dared venture near and ask if he could tune in Tokyo, the wearer would press the play button on the recorder. A pre-recorded message would boom out with their manifesto and put him in his place. Long term use was discontinued when wearers became distracted by the vibration caused by the speakers.

    New Cincinnati 2309 by ~transmothra on deviantART

    Illustration showing a remote unit setting up relay stations.

    Xenoglaux's Lunar Research Observatory. No, we cannot reveal what we are observing in this incredibly cool 3-D holorealistic framazoidal display. Just know, we are there, watching, watching, watching....

    How to Use a Flashlight Tactically

    Part of the Xenoglaux field complex, deep in a West Virginia mountain. Not a present representation, but work done in the past sometime.

    IT Central Operations Center at Xenoglaux. Information Technology takes a bold approach with us. The human goes ahead of the technology, not the other way around. Here at Xenoglaux, we actually read the manuals as well.

    Some of our younger employees need to be reminded of this. You have to feel for them.