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making changes

I won't be found

Life Change

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #quote Life Quotes , inspirational quotes , Friendship Quotes

We all do.<3

Keith Urban. Lyrics. To the Best. Song. Ever. By. Keith. Urban. Stupid Boy. Absolute favorite Keith Urban song. And in general, for that matter... (: - Listen to: All my love by Noelito Flow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKdxHiWtJ6U music youtube subscribe if you like =)

this is change!

One day you'll meet a guy quote-not sure why but I love this. He knows it all and yep, he still loves me =)

So true. Unlike how the media portrays finding our "soul mate", it's not about looks only or perfection. It's the human characteristics and imperfections that draw us to one another

I am enough.

I thought I'd never be able to explain it... But this is exactly my life!!! So happy I found a something that does explain my pain, but sad that, that describes my life...


Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. | Share Inspire Quotes - Inspiring Quotes | Love Quotes | Funny Quotes | Quotes about Life

one of the cruelest things love love quotes quotes broken hearted relationships quote girl couple sad boy love quote heart broken

and one day I hope you look back at what we had, and regret every single thing you did to let it end.


It’s not the FUTURE that you’re afraid of, It’s repeating the PAST that makes you anxious... So true!

Truth is...