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40 Examples Of Experimental Braids

Love Braid

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10 fabulous holiday party hairstyles

Fishtail Halo Braid

Love the braid across the top... Would probably do some sort of curl updo in the back! Prom :)

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Beauty Inspiration for Brunch This Weekend

All you have to do here is braid one of the three pieces of hair, and then braid them. Easy. :)

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

40 Examples Of Experimental Braids


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Braids 101

Braid directory. How to do every braid you can think of pin now read again and again and again

Curled Waterfall Braid. No directions to this pic so I added a link to ANOTHER Curled Waterfall Braid how-to video tutorial. Options to end this style: bobby pin backwards into the braid, some finish the end with a simple braid & a clear elastic and let it hang, some finish a simple braid and then pin the dangling part of the braid under the rest of the hair (my favorite). You can also end in the middle of the back of the head like in this tutorial…