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    A gal with custom Pete.

  • Jim Swords

    Trucks And Girls | girls and trucks17 photo

  • Danielle De La Cruz

    Trucking Photos: Take a look at this collection of beauties... past vs. the present when it comes to marketing semi trucks through photographs. You won't see vintage truck photos..

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If I have to be a OTR Driver this is my truck. WOW.. I love big trucks but, this one is WOW

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now that would suck if u where driving a lifted truck say with 49 inch tires and that big truck was in front of u course u could go around him or her who's ever driving it but ur taking a big risk of it crushing u cause they see u passing them and they can't fell it cause to them its bump in the road lol

Hot damn that's a big truck! I wouldn't mind gettin me one of these.

The Rig from "Dual" (1972-Speilberg's first major film) - all you see of the driver are his cowboy boots!

Look at this Big Pink Truck !

saw this being used on I77 & I85 connection near Charlotte NC - it had a dump bed on it = so glad to see this photo = wondered how they moved it = amazing

Old Big Rigs for Sale | Photos of Old Kenworth Trucks: The Best Classic Big Rigs

✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃ღAussiegirl. Australian Truck by tigerpac, via Flickr