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CLOE FKA NADYA - A1099851 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/10/17 A volunteer writes: Hey there new human friend! Cloe’s the name and snuggling is my game. You wanna play? I specialize in stand-up hugs, but I’m also skilled in the art of lap warming, side-leaning and of course, face kissing, and I’d be more than happy to share my secrets with you if you visit. We could go for a walk or run or play fetch or share some treats and I like all those things but

Tom Hardy - NY Times - January 2017

ZEKE - A1100734 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/11/17: ****PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE**** A volunteer writes: The only thing I love more than Zeke’s adorably freckled face is his sociable, eager-to-please personality. After sharing a delightful date that included sitting politely for treats and enjoying a wigglebutt-inducing back rub, my verdict is officially in…Zeke’s a sweetheart! Emaciated yet still swooningly handsome, he has an eye for the ladies but is kee

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A Wildly Beautiful Garden Wedding in the Middle of the City

Photographer : Lauren Fair Photography | Hair and Makeup : Face the Day NY: Makeup and Hair Services Read More on SMP:

Party pooper 💩🎉 - Happy New Year dears!!! I hope you had a wonderful time last night celebrating. My talented friend Sharon @thedessertpantry and I thought it would be fun (and silly) to do a 💩 emoji themed collab for a NY post 😄 (because now that the New Year is here we can leave all the 💩 that occurred in 2016 behind 🙌🏻). For my picture I piped 💩 shaped marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate (is it too weird to say this sh$t is delicious?! 😂), then I added emoji faces using…

Taylor Swift «SHAKE IT OFF»

ZYLAH - A1088851 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/09/17: ****PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE**** A volunteer writes: Zylah has the cutest pout.. and with those big ears and her contrite face, she reminds me of Eeyore…Zylah is with us for no fault of her own. Owned since the age of few weeks, Zylah, who comes with glowing comments, was relinquished to us as her masters could not afford her care anymore. Indeed, she suffers from some kind of dermatitis that will require veterinary

The Most Beautiful Places in New York You Didn't Know Existed

Whiteface Mountain Steps, New York| The Most Beautiful Places in New York You Didn’t Know Existed