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Absolutely love this!!

=) I very much want this quote as a tattoo

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Again my life is proof! I wanted to be married right out of high school and have babies right away! But that didn't happen and now I have an awesome husband and two adorable, sweet babies!



I wish Disney were still alive, running his business. I feel like it would be different.

as soon as I saw you.. <3

Sleeping Beauty

I love Pooh and Piglet they are my fav


My best friends and I have a Pooh and Piglet friendship. Life without them isn't a life at all.

Yep. Sometimes that's all you can say. PS: I love this "font." Oops, I mean "handwriting."

love it.

Love this quote



I don't agree with this, why does anything have to be completely permanent.. Do what makes you happy right now in this very moment, and if you change your mind, then change your surroundings. Dont live for the what if, live for the right now! A temporary emotion is exactly what you heart wants right at that moment, live for that! Just love your life, every moment that you're given.

Words to live by.

beautiful <3