Blue Tick Beagle

Miniature Australian Shepherd :)

Bullmatian puppy (English Bulldog / Dalmatian Hybrid)

sweet pooch

I will never understand ear cropping. Look at how much character this dog has with those beautiful ears! LOVE the ears!

Adorable Baby Beagle

wet puppy nose <3

My German Shorthair Pointer, Raskol, our buddy for 13 years...missing him today..this pic reminds me of how he looked when I got him at 11 weeks...look at that point! cute

You had me at hello.

cute beagle puppy!

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Baby beagle! look at that belly

This is going to be my next dog in about two years. I have to wait for my current 96 pound puppy to mature some. :)

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blue tick coonhounds. my next dog. :)

Beagle coloring variations.>> my sister's beagle Peanut was a Lemon 2 or 3

Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds

blue tick hound. and i will call him charlie!

Beagle puppies are Adorable!