Running Playlist: The Top 10 Songs for April 2012

Top 10 Workout Songs for April

Running Playlist: The Top 10 Songs for April 2012 - Might need to add these to my personal playlist.

If you've mastered the 5K and are ready to up your distance, then it may be time to run a 10K — but don't train blindly. Follow this 12-week training plan created by physical therapist and running specialist Julie Ann Dougery of the CPMC Running

The Best Plan to Train For Your First 10K

This hour-long EDM playlist will pump you up for any workout or long run!

10K Running Playlist

Saturday morning, I’ll be running the Women’s Health Magazine Run 10 Feed 10 charity so I wanted to put together an hour-long playlist to pump me up along the course. Immediately after crossin…

A Training Plan for Running a 10k.

How to Run a 10K

I would change the mileage a bit because you never actually run the miles. I think it would be helpful to run the actual distance at least once during training to develop a base time and help me create expectations for race day times