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  • Esther

    Dog memes bigger swimmy pool

  • Brianna Fall

    omg so cute!!! (the puppy)

  • Treats Unleashed

    Awwww Don't forget to also check out our website at #buffalony #pets #petsupplies #newyorkpetsupplies #buffalonypetsupply #animals #dogs #puppies #cute

  • Erin Edwards

    You cannot say no to a yellow lab!!

  • Nyasha Jones

    A swimming pool for a dog - SunnyLOL

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I took this picture of this blue pit puppy while on my visit to New York, already at 22k reblogs/likes on Tumblr!

Golden Retriever Puppy. Though door mats are mainly useful places for relaxing indoors (or good places to intercept humans on their way in or out), humans will find them particularly useful for keeping the outdoors *out*. {doormats, home decor, housekeeping, living with dogs, active dogs, gardening with dogs}

Bought my grandpa a white teacup chihuahua just like this after my grandma passed away to keep him company....he named him Taco and treats him like his baby. :*)

This is so freaky... I actually see the puppy face, and its mama's face on it's belly. Only works if the pic is small or if you're looking from far away.

Don't you just hate it. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

adorable... I pin these kind of pictures for my own heart. It does a heart good to look at such things ~!~

When I want my cat to come inside, I grab a can of food, its all it takes, that opening sound does wonders.

I seriously died both from cute overload and how awesome tumblr constantly is.