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I don't know what's longer: a microwave minute or a treadmill minute. For real!

Nailed it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

2 trips is for pansies! That's what I always say, haha!

Bottoms up Bottle Flowers | CraftFail -- Read the whole blog post, you will be chuckling to the end!

Pretty much. Oh I am laughing hysterically!

We get these ideas in our heads of what our perfect marriage or family or friendship or job or life should look like…  And the reality?  SO much more chaotic.

Disney Movies' Most Romantic Lines: "Um...You fight good."

What Disney taught me… THAT just answered a big question about where my girls learned the drama!!! Worth the whole 2+ hours of Pinterest time tonight!

sorry if you are a fan of her, but you have to admit that this is hilarious

The Exploding Cake prank! This will happen one day to one of my friends..