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The Great Pyramid of Giza Visits Immortal Monday

Before there was recorded history in China, there were the Great Pyramids of Giza. No small feat by any means was the effort and ingenuity it took to build them. The timing is a matter still under ...
  • Christina Weir

    I'm pretty sure Egypt would be my favorite place in the world if I ever get the chance to go someday :)

  • Stephanie Curran

    Egyptian biggest dream vacation

  • Abby Smith

    Egypt #bucketlist

  • Katie Thompson

    Amazing place

  • Carla Beck Hamilton

    The Great Pyramids. Giza, Egypt. circa 2560 b.c. The middle pyramid belonging to pharaoh Khufu stands 455 ft tall (use to be 480 but has eroded). This pyramid is considered the oldest of the ancient wonder of the world and the one that remains best intact. Top of my bucket list!

  • Sherry Attalla

    Pyramids of Gyza #pavelife #vacation #travel

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