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    • Pam Duggan

      A lab of a different color. - Gotta LOVE sidewalk chalk!

    • Anja Sorensen

      21 Habits of Supremely Happy People by huffingtonpost #Happiness I want one of these...the puppy, I could care less about the rainbow.

    • Emily Kubiak

      Mostly pinned this for the rainbow dog, but the article's pretty good too! 21 Habits of Supremely Happy People by huffingtonpost #Happiness

    • A~Michelle 😁

      rainbow dog ~ my dog and cat have both done this ~ so funny :)

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    What a great dog house. Can go inside if they want, or out on the porch if they want and still contained without having to be on a chain. Plus no mud when it rains.

    ♥ cat paws ♥

    Tired of kitty litter getting all over the floor? Tired of the dog getting into the kitty litter box? Why spend big $$$ on a top entry litter when you can make your own in no time at all? Super easy and super inexpensive #DIY project.

    Recycled Wine Case Litter Box | 27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The LitterBox

    " The distance between the fronts prevents dogs from being able to reach the litter pan." GREAT design to DIY to keep the dog OUT of the litter pan! GREAT instructions! #cats #LitterBox #litter

    this is one of the best pinterest I have ever used... not only does it eliminate the litter falling everywhere out of the box... but it keeps nosy little dogs from looking for treats...TMI ... I know... but if you have both you know it is the truth...

    Fleece tug, dog toy, DIY. Super easy. Already made it. Saving this because I always need a refresher on how to do it.

    I'm too sexy for my tail... too sexy for my tail is going to leave meeee....

    it's warm here

    made of warm

    so cute and little!



    For the cats!


    ! Its called a ragdoll they're hypoallergenic and don't shed. And they're adorable

    Hey little stay with Mama.

    Oh, hello :-)

    SOOOO adorable!

    Ragdoll Kitten! cute my brain turned to mush

    This is so Tyson

    I love this little story!

    platform bed/seating with build-in dog crate. this would be so one tall bed in our house

    adorably cute french bulldog ❤ If i were to own one i would need to decide between the names: 24601, Val Jean, Napoleon, Croissant, Butter Croissant, or just plain Butters.