• tamgro

    Rob Pattinson

  • WhiteBoyDrama

    You guessed it! Robert Pattinson has just signed up to Dior Homme as their new fresh face to market. Actor/Model/Musician Mr Pattinson shall be photographed by the all impressive Nan Goldin over in America and will also get some filming shot out their by Frenchman Romain Gavras. The Commercials are soon around the corner so keep your eyes peeled. #dior #robertpattinson

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Robert Pattinson // Edward Cullen

  • Fernanda Quiros

    ModaPty - Robert Pattison for Dior! #TuPost

  • Jenna Rushton

    too bad twilight ruined this piece of eye candy

  • Lexi Black

    Robert Patinson

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