St. Francis de Sales at Mt.Pleasant and St. Emma at Belmead have a rich human history that includes Native Americans, African Americans, and Europeans. They are places of past and present human activity. The mansion at Belmead is on the historic register, and St. Francis de Sales is in the process of obtaining this status. Both buildings are significant for groups of persons who have been connected through time to the land and the heritage that connects both sites.

St. Francis de Sales High School Building

Sister Jean Ryan walks up to the long-empty St. Francis de Sales High School.

African-American flapper.

St. Francis/St. Emma Military Academy, black Catholic Military high schools in Virginia

Bessie Coleman, the daughter of a poor, southern, African American family, became one of the most famous women and African American in aviation history.

Sister Jean Ryan talks about the chapel inside the long-empty St. Francis de Sales High School.

African American history to Barack Obama

A statue of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the rear of the chapel inside the long-empty St. Francis de Sales High School.

A little princess! Full length portrait of unidentified young African American girl wearing a formal white gown with gloves. Daniel Murray, photographer. 1899

Breathtaking Drone Footage of Historic St. Francis School -- Powhatan, V...

Massasoit Native American Chief statue byu campus

Barney Ford was born a slave in Virginia. At the age of twenty-fire, he escaped and began a successful career in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures.By 1860, he was living in Denver and became a prosperous tycoon in the hotel, restaurant, and barbershop businesses, earning the nickname the "Black Baron of Colorado." Throughout the Civil War, he gave financial assistance, food, and jobs to escaped and free African Americans.

Misty Copeland, First African American female soloist for the American Ballet Theatre in NYC.

Thelma Johnson Streat was the first African American woman to have a painting exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, in 1942.

Known as Belnemus it includes the original winter kitchen in the basement, the icehouse and smokehouse; it is on the Register of Historic Places. It was built by James Clarke and is noted in “The Mansion of Virginia 1706-1776". Pics from the Historic American Buildings database.

Frederick Madison Roberts (1879-1952) Descendant of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson, first African American member of the California legislature.

John Mercer Langston John Mercer Langston (1829�1897) was Virginia's first African American congressman, serving one term from 1879 to 1881. Born a free man in Louisa County, Langston received an education at Oberlin College in Ohio before he became president of Virginia Normal and Collegiate Institute (1885), which is today known as Virginia State University.

On May 23, 1900 Sergeant William Harvey Carney became the first African American to be awarded the Medal of Honor, for his heroism on July 18, 1863 in the Assault on the Fort Wagner during the Civil War.

Powhatan (Native Americans of the Southeast)

Lillyn Brown (1885–1969)], vaudeville and musical theater entertainer, ca. 1920 Photographer: Earl-Broady Studios, Schenectady, New York. The Daniel Cowin Collection of African American Vernacular Photography