Katie Jarvis demonstrates her whole brain teaching method for rules in an art room. I did her method verbatim this week and it was MAGICAL.

The smARTteacher Resource: Art Room Rules Poster

WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING!!! aka the best thing to ever have happened to my classroom management repertoire. Works with 6-8th graders, and I can use it for the K-5'ers next year too! Love to see great teachers in action.

Art room rules change: Imagine and create, Stay on task or speak quietly, and Take care of your clean up

Symmetrical self-portraits - great idea for teaching symmetry and measurement. Excellent step-by-step instructions.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Around our classroom...

Whole Brain Teaching Methods

Shape video for elementary art- cute and catchy!

Each year you teach, students add their fingerprints in a new color! How colorful and beautiful will this be when you've been teaching for a long time!

Apps for the art room.

Whole Brain Teaching

This blog is mostly for an art classroom, but the ideas can easily be changed to fit any classroom.

No Stick figures. Use simply shapes #teaching #art

classroom rules

Whole brain teaching

ART Flip sign: When a class has trouble with noise control or remaining on task, a warning is given and the letter T is turned over. If the problem persists, the R is turned over and the students must work for 5 minutes in silence. Strike 3, the last letter is turned over an the rest of class is silent

How one teacher used an acronym to make the Whole Brain Teaching rules work in her classroom.

Whole Brain Teaching Posters (free)/... One of these days I am going to learn how to implement Whole Brain Teaching

great idea

Whole Brain Teaching: Kindergarten, "Class Rules"

Whole Brain Teaching - Reviewing the rules each day