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    • Stacy Spencer

      Dinosaurs - If you remember this show you're awesome "Im the baby, gotta love me"

    • Sammi Blanchard

      If you remember this... you are awesome. Omg this just brought back soooo many memories... not even kidding! I had this on VHS!!!! Whaaat??!

    • Lorna Hardin

      Gall, I loved this show so much! If you were a 90s kid, and never watched Dinosaurs, you did not have a childhood.

    • Chanelle Fordin

      If you remember this... you are awesome. Favorite show growing up!

    • Shelby Sterling

      dinosaurs tv show!! I actually remember this!

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    omg! i was litteraly thinking in my head " i wonder how old that kid is now? and if he's still cute? and if he eats bannas like a monkey?" like ten minutes ago!

    well this is terrifyingly accurate of my childhood...besides the wonderball and fruit stripes, never had either of those.

    This is an unacceptable fact. Thoroughly unacceptable.

    That's true! Or you didn't want to deal with dial-up, or if a family member was in the phone.

    35 Things that you will never see again in your life. AHHH MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD!!! Brought back so many memories!!

    We're going to need another Timmy...I miss that show, get with it Netflix!

    35 things you will never see again... but you'll want to tell your kids about -- this is SPOT ON. you have to look at this

    Oh my gosh that takes me back!! I remember that weird music player thingy- I had all the 'Nsync ones xD I love the 90s...I miss them..

    NOT THE MAMA!!!! (it's from an old 90s show called "Dinosaurs"... it's a lot funnier if you've actually seen it.)

    Yes. Yes. And Yes. Although... I did have the Jumanji game, and that shit is real.