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infinity tattoo - what goes around comes around

(via itchycosmicpocket) I really want an infinity tattoo. Probably only a cm or two long, but a tattoo none the less.

Best Owl Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

Best Owl Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

owl tattoos - pinning for the amazing work in number Wouldn't want it on me, too blue, but the work alone is truly amazing.

"Live the life you love...Love the life you live" saying. Wrist placement?

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i will have this tattoo. just in a different location.

let it be, want this tattoo! thats the exact place I've wanted one plus i lote the Beatles!

Amen to that! I hate when people tell me that my tattoos are gonna look bad when I'm old & wrinkly or that I will feel silly will all my tattoos when I'm an old lady. They are a part of me & they are personal to me, so I don't need input from other people.

so true, life is short, also you always hear live in the moment if somebody wants a tattoo in the moment, who cares if the regret it later. at least they wont regret NOT getting one.

The best is yet to come  need. only with   "this too shall pass" in place of "the best is yet to come"  yep.   need.

I hate the infinity symbol as a tattoo because it's such a popular thing but I love the birds that make the symbol.

via | the good vibe by evangeline

You've got to work HARD for the things you want/hope for. If you don't work hard, do you really want or deserve it in the first place?

Motivational Wall Decor "Be Happy It Drives People Crazy" Inspirational Quote Typographical Art Print

Typography Poster Inspirational Print "Be Happy It Drives People Crazy" Motivational Print Wall Decor Winter Gift New Year Resolution


a PRINCESS, Always Keep's Her Head Held High,,, No Matter What She May Be Faced With. Don't lose your crown just for one down moment

my next tattoo

This is a FLOWERy FOOT TATTOO it's a Flowers. check out the tattoo artist & studio who did the tattoo

A grandparents house is where cousins become best friends 11x11 Vinyl Lettering. $6.50, via Etsy.

My best childhood memories involve my cousins! I was lucky to be blessed that we got to spend so much time as a family at my Granny's house! Love my cousins all of them!

Thank you to my parents for teaching me this little life lesson :)

I want Happy children who can value a dollar but know it isn't the root of happiness. Not spoiled kids who think money will solve everything. my teaching thought