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The Little Mermaid Dinner - Ursula Dogs (hot dogs cut to look like an octopus), Ariel's Shells and Cheese, King Triton's Seaweed (green beans), Scuttle's Ocean Water, Prince Eric's Ocean Jello, Flounder's Fish and Chips (potato chips and goldfish crackers) and Sebastian's Seashell Brownies (with sea life gummy candy) - The Little Mermaid Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

Mulan Dinner - Fa Mulan's Grilled Chicken Teriyaki, Li Shang's Egg Rolls, The Emperor's Dumplings, Mushu's Fortune Cookies, Matchmaker Tea, Khan's Koala Cookies and Cri-Kee's Chow Mein Cookies - Mulan Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

beauty and the beast movie night. Beastly Burgers, Belle's Shells, Mrs. Pott's Parfaits, Enchanted Cupcakes

Finding Nemo movie night. Anemone and Cheese, Aquarium Jello, Octo-dogs, Nemo and Pearl Cupcakes. Can play Go Fish or Dori's memory game. ;)