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    100 ways to encourage a new mom. I love these ideas and I don't think anyone really knows what it is like being a new mom until they are one.

    • Amanda Higgs

      100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom - amazing list. Soooo appreciated the ladies in my life during the newborn stage!

    • Kathryn Keating

      100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom. Great ideas... wish I would have read this a long time ago so I could have better helped my new mommy friends! My favorite: #94 Tell her not to sweat everything Pinterest tells her she should be doing, baking, making and crafting for the baby!

    • Mary Ellen Hasenfus

      [100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom] awesome ideas to bless that new mom in your life. Cried reading it...i promise to do some of these things for my new mom friends!

    • Lauren Whitmer

      100 ways to help out a new mom- going to need this for one of my best friends who's having a baby in July!

    • Alyson Hults

      100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom... wish I had read this before baby, but happy to have found it now to help encourage all my soon-to-be-new-mommy friends!

    • Katie Damby

      100 ways to encourage a new mom. I love these ideas and I don't think anyone really knows what it is like being a new mom until they are one. Friends who have friends having babies should keep this in mind.

    • Diana Bean

      100 ways to encourage a new mom... some cute new baby gift ideas on this list too

    • erica joy

      100 ways to encourage a new mom by Lisa-Jo Baker | The Gypsy Mama

    • Candace Griffin

      Nice things to do for friends and family new moms

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