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  • amelia ☼ fisher ☾

    10 reasons to ban gay marriage. Lol this is really funny if you read it, whether your for it or against it.

  • Brittany Hughes

    10 reasons to ban gay marriage. Please read the whole thing before jumping to conclusions. Apparently some people don't understand the language of sarcasm.

  • Vanessa Lane

    10 "reasons" to ban gay marriage. Funny stuff.

  • ♥ Nicole

    I put this under "insightful quotes" instead of my "laugh" board because the person who wrote this is using humor & sarcasm but is absolutely correct - their point is valid and i agree wholeheartedly. society needs to mind its own damn business.

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Marriage, lol LUCY is the BEST comedian ever! No foul language, talk of sex, didn't take trash talk to make her fans laugh.

On the party platter of life, you're that little soggy celery stick that some kid licked and put back on the tray.

Guy creates a "UnitedairlAnes" Twitter account and pranks an airline's unhappy customers. Hilarious.

my husband will probably be saying this one day..literally my cause my name is in it

Fucking love it!!!! I'm always underestimated because I'm chill as fuck til you REALLY piss me off (and it takes a lot to piss me off), then I'm your worst nightmare.

What's going to change for heterosexuals if gays are allowed to get married? Absolutely nothing (save for a good boost to the economy).

This Is Hilarious

I think this is funny because it is what I always say! I'm waiting for one of my students to respond this way.

What happens if gay marriage is legalized... "Why A Heterosexual, Married, North Carolinian Father Of Three Cares About LGBT Equality"

we should call ALL recognized by the government partnerships "unions" (or "domestic partnerships" or "legal institutions" or WHATEVER) and let individual religions decide when they desire to recognize "marriages"

I can't wait until I'm so pissed at my kid I break their laptop... for something they didn't do. Oops.