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    Hey girl, #ryanlochte

    amen! i could have done such a better job!

    My parents should be proud of me...

    You sir, need to marry me.

    Girl, Imma have to call you back...

    haha yes, Ryan Gosling...

    Oh yea!!

    thanks ryan ♥

    Lol not many things can make me actuallyy laugh out loud... hahaha

    Paul Walker...Moisturizer

    Ryan Gosling acts out "Hey, Girl" memes. Just his giggling is worth pinning this.

    UM yes please

    hahaha ....

    Don't mess with country women

    Dear God I'm old!

    Do you want Hip bones or pizza..a gap between your thighs or cake..collarbones or sweats..a flat stomach or soda? Story of my life, I'm the girl on the bottom haha. I just want it all!! i love junk food :p


    Cutest thing ever!!!!


    My February