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Usually happens at 2am when you're stretching and then *BOOM* foot vengeance

Guilty!! Lmmfao!!

... then, take "Fuck You" at the fork in the road, retarded ass bitch.

Omg. Yes!!

There is a difference. Get over yourself... you're FAT!!!

Isn't this the truth!! Proactive might fix the 'meth acne face' but nothing can wash off the ugly, nasty, racism, and hatred on the inside. Yuck!!

Yes!! We've all had it.

And, I don't see a fucking problem with it! Last time I checked, I am a grown woman... a grown woman with a slight potty mouth. ;D

It wouldn't help because her Photoshop skills suck when it comes to her pretending to be a 'Photographer'. Stealing a camera from your job (where you were f'king the loss prevention guy) and pretending you can take photos does NOT a photographer make! Poser! Lmao!

You have to have some rules set down! Lol!

I f'king hate this shit... if you cannot speak (or type/text proper English), go back to grade school or do not talk/type/text/post, please.

Not at my house!!

I wish I could hang this in my classroom. Or better yet, give it to parents as a reminder not to give their kids EVERYTHING

Our phones fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh. Minion Despicable Me

True story!

Adios Bitchachos - LOVE!

Exact thoughts

Nutella makes everyone happy :) if you don't like Nutella there is something seriously wrong with you

Maybe then she would've never had cavities and perhaps possibility of other health issues. But since you lack common sense and aren't knowledgeable enough to be a true fit mother you wouldn't know or understand this

Omg Kevin lmao I can't even contain my laughter for his face

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Some women don't believe it even when there is proof. I was a fool once now she is.

did i hit a nerve, stalker?

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