tuxedo heels - dont' know that I'd ever wear them but they were so unique and cute.


If only I had some place to wear these to.

I love the lace look but no way I could wear that heel. Stylish Fashion High Heels Boots

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Bunny heels! Would you wear them? ♥

do I wear them or eat them? LOL

Those. Shoes.

Shoes. OMG shoes.

these are so cute but I couldn't ever wear them...

Vivacious Vibes Heel in Black. When you came along wearing these black and ivory T-straps by Chelsea Crew, moods were instantly lifted amongst your pals. #black #modcloth

i like to wear jordans and so far the green glow 4's are my favorite

if only I could wear this without intimidating guys with my height :(

I can't even wear high heels anymore, yet I continue to seriously consider getting a pair of these shoes... just to stare at longingly from across the room, I guess.

Pink heels

Love this colore :D hard pair of heels to wear unless you had the perfect outfit but still soo cute

Heels <3

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lace heels

chevron heels