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An image purportedly showing a violin-shaped island in Costa Rica is fake. There is no violin-shaped island off the coast of Costa Rica. Though there are real Violin Islands in Singapore and Costa Ri…


The cello-in my opinion-has the most beautiful sound of all the sting instruments. In orchestra I would always play the D on the A string and it would sound so beautiful I would have to fight tears. I love the cello

From the series "What you do vs. what they think you do" here is one for CELLO by Mr. Paul Ghica from Chicago, IL    It would be cool to get the whole orchestra and see which instrument gets the most views :) If you created one yourself please share it with us as well so we can give credit to the right person

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Cello  One of my FAVE instruments!!!!

I play the viola but Its like a mini cello sooo I can play cello and I love it!

music notes transcribed into cello finger positions - Google Search

This Harry Potter crossover just made me so happy. This exactly describes how I felt when I bought my violin; the wand chooses the wizard, and the instrument chooses the musician :)

Het leven van de 17-jarige Mia draait om muziek. Ze heeft net met haar cello een…

BUCKET LIST: LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO: The Cello is my favorite sound. Once in Florence, Italy, I was fortunate enough to listen to a man playing the cello in the middle of a piazza. I sat and cried because it was so beautiful.

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Hi my name is Smith I am Alyssa'a clarinet. Um, Im not a clarinet, I am a saxophone.

What bows have for breakfast . . .

Only people who are or where in a orchestra or played violin, cello, bass, or viola can understand this.>>I play the violin and cello so I understand