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Food Discrimination

Check out @passthecirkels on Pinterest and Instagram for looks at a delicious Amsterdam treat delivered straight to you home! Pass The Cirkels! #Stroopwafels #PasstheCirkels


Hollywood Manly Men

Poor Hollywood #hollywood #poorhollywood #liamneeson #seanbean #hughjackman #melgibson #gerardbutler #russellcrowe #meme #memediary #justforlol


When A Girl Says She’s Fine

22 Funny Pics to Nerd Out on | 8 Bit Nerds

Entropía en la lavadora ¿Y el sexto calcetín, que no sentido?

Omg this is a real owl that does this as a defense thingy. My brother showed me a video on YouTube. It's scary!

from Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Ten: The Best Medicine…

Ha ha - sometimes you have to laugh at our human-ness. But still - I try not to each chemicals. Ew. Plants are our best friends. (And VERY occasionally - so is cake.) ;).

"One of the greatest skills in a relationship is learning to say "I am sorry." Not, "I am sorry... but... it is all your fault really." Just... "I am sorry." (Silence here) Even if there is a 'but' leave it till a bit later or else your sorry is negated. I am writing this for me too. :-) Good luck." #katherinetowen


Next time a stranger talks to me…