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Food Discrimination

Burger beauty


When A Girl Says She’s Fine

This is a very accurate scale of "fine"

Hahahah! Friends' pins make me laugh the hardest! I imagine how they say it and then I laugh all over again!


Hollywood Manly Men

Poor Hollywood #hollywood #poorhollywood #liamneeson #seanbean #hughjackman #melgibson #gerardbutler #russellcrowe #meme #memediary #justforlol

FRANK! Look a hot girl just looked by look good! You don't have to suck it in! More than meets the eye! Check out the transforming owl:

from Lauren Conrad

Tuesday Ten: The Best Medicine…

hahaha love it!! @Belinda Love

Nothing worse than waking up on Sunday and having to clean up the carnage of another wild Saturday night.

You're my cute girl that hates exercise but you're athletic I don't even get it but it's okay it's so cute how you rant and rave about it sometimes I love you