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Love this: "Believe in magic, believe in YOURSELF" Thanks to for the inspiration. Namaste

Namaste Yoga highlights the Pitta season

We're excited to introduce our community to Aili Storen, who will be seen in #NamasteS3

In memory of Sri Pattabhi Jois #AshtangaYoga

"Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength you begin to believe in your own potential." -Tiffany Cruikshank

When you are losing your balance, reach higher. Absolutely True. #Namaste #Yoga #Truth #Inspiration

Inflamed wrists are not the goal of yoga. Here's a great graphic to help avoid pain. Namaste

Bring your passion to this moment. Namaste

Need to ignite your passion? Try "The 20 Most Inspiring Health and Fitness Mantras" Namaste

Ego is SO overrated... Namaste ♥

Balance heat generated on your run with poses that lengthen and strengthen your muscles. #Namaste

Heat up your Valentine's Day in healthful ways. #Namaste

Loving is living, so true. Namaste

Why not instill a passion for yoga in your children when they are young? "8 yoga poses to do with toddlers."

The benefits of yoga are so numerous it is hard to name them all, but here is a great start. Namaste

Pittas can often experience light sensitivity, so a yoga space with soft, diffused light is fantastic.

Create a yoga space at home, and you'll transform your practice and your life. An excellent article from Yoga Journal.

Did you know? Grapes are cooling - perfect for pittas! #namasteNewViews vineyard vinyasa

Stay cool...

Show us your new view! Snap a picture of where you are taking your Namaste Yoga practice and tag it with the hashtag #NamasteNewViews

There's always room for Firebird: www.thailandyoga....

Namaste Yoga Viewer Journey - One caring nephew's effort to inspire his uncle creates positive energy for us all. #NamasteYoga

Partner Yoga... Is it just us, or can you see how this might heat things up a little?