*What a beauty she is

Brown Swiss Cow... so beautiful ♥♥♥

Raw milk from Jersey n Gurnsey cows does NOT produce the A1 protein that most people have lactose allergy to. Black Holstein cows make the undigestable protein but they produce much more milk, so... the BigAg wants those cows. then they boil it, chemical it, strain it, homoginize it and sell you Milk-colored and flavored liquid. Also, true dairy cows are small and pretty!


hi cow

Cow Family

Jersey milk cow- smaller breed, higher fat (cream)content, and gives birth to excellent meat steers.

beautiful Jersey cow

♥ #cute #cow

Beautiful Jersey cow


Moederliefde. Meer over koetjes en kalfjes? Ga naar: http://www.milkstory.nl/artikel/vraag-antwoord-waarom-worden-kalf-en-koe-na-de-geboorte-gescheiden #calf #kalf #koe #moo #cow #farm #animal #love

Chart Comparing milking goats (alpine) Mini Jersey Cow and Standard Cow. Feed, milk quality, costs, etc..


moo eyes

Have to admit these are some pretty cute Jerseys ;)

And on this farm he kissed a cow... E-I-E-I-O.

Just hanging with my chicks...

jersey cow

love this cow