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  • Barbara Taylor

    American cowboy, circa 1888 - A large number of horses were needed for a roundup. Each cowboy would require 3 to 4 fresh horses in course of day's work. Horses themselves were also rounded up. It was common practice in west for young foals to be born of tame mares, but allowed to grow up "wild" in a semi-feral state on open range. There were also "wild" herds, known as Mustangs. Both types were rounded up, & mature animals tamed, a process called "bronco-busting".

  • Elliot's Olivia

    Wild West. The Cow Boy. Sturgis, Dakota

  • David Bobbitt

    Real cowboy, circa 1888

  • James Duckworth

    "The Cow Boy" circa 1888 [2533 x 3223]

  • Larry Blumberg

    The cowboy, the quintessential symbol of the American frontier, circa 1888. A few decades back I was an avide reader of western novels. Memory fails me, so I am unable to list titles and/or authors without overlooking many great ones. Any truly outstanding western from 1/2 century or further back - I most likely read it. I tip my Stetson to them all.

  • Adam MacLeod

    Old American West cowboy.

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A man with his horse, gun and dog. Some men have it all.

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This cowboy reminds me of my Dad Harry in many ways! 1960– Clarence Hailey Long, foreman on the JA spread in Texas –Photo by Leonard McCombe

The things is, even though I live in the city, and love it, I long for this. This is perfect to me.

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To me, this is what real cowboys look like. Hard work, horse sweat, dirty hands, rope always in their hands, and of course a handy dog. ♥ Love This. :)

I want a big photo of my man like this hanging in the living room.

I'll take 1 of each. Ok, fine. Two of each. And put the *chop-chop* on that, please?!

Cutting western quarter paint horse appaloosa equine tack cowboy cowgirl rodeo ranch show ponypleasure barrel racing pole bending saddle bronc gymkhana

So Mamma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys, let them be doctors and lawyers and such. They never come home and they're always alone, even with one that they love.