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  • Maggie Czeh

    HAHA : Torchwood joke John Barrowman, Can I please just be a female Captain Jack?! Please?!

  • Amy Watson

    Oh Jack... #torchwood #doctorwho #captainjack

  • Sheridan Schiwart

    John Barrowman *IS* Captain Jack Harkness, and Gareth looks just as in love with John as Ianto is with Jack. <3

  • Lauren Winter

    John Barrowman discussing the Doctor Who/Torchwood set...

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John Barrowman. "Fresh off the wrist of a handsome Time Agent."

lol it would have been so funny if it really was jack in the ship, doctor who

Captain Jack Harkness by captain.magnificent, via Flickr

He kept saying I'm Captain Jack ... I love William Shatner!

"Non-nerds don't apologize for being dickheads." I love you, John Barrowman.<-- Thank you John Barrowman

Haha! Love this! - Captain Jack

John Barrowman Gets Slain By Tiny Dalek [Cosplay]

BAHAHAHA!! Officially my favorite picture of Captain Jack. Ever. I'm sorry. But even in patent leather red pumps this man is gorgeous. I want to take him home with me and do unspeakable things.

Repinning for the simple fact that the TARDIS is listed at the top with the actors :]

Tree pic Tweeted by John Barrowman <- Is this a mix of a Dalek and the spinning Christmas tree from The Christmas Invasion?!?!

Jack Harkness couldn't be in the DotD because there isn't enough trenchcoat to contain his excitement.

John Barrowman/Jack Harkness ♥ <--- CAPTAIN Jack Harkness. Thank you very much.