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  • Suzanne Underwood

    This is not a photo, but a pen drawing! ... This stunning portrait of a fiery redheaded girl is by Samuel Silva. [ according to or the site linked to it Samuel is a lawyer who sketches at work & uses Bic pens from around the office ]

  • Sarah Vivian

    Faux Photo: 'Redhead Girl', based on a photograph by Russian photographer Kristin Taraina, was painstakingly executed by Samuel Silva, a Portugese-based attorney with six different colored ball point pens. --- What amazing artwork... I am in awe

  • Diane Stankard

    Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by on @deviantART | No - this isn't a photo either :-) Drawn by a different artist, using only BALLPOINT PENS... ????!!!!!!!!! Back in the day I did some rough and ready drawings with black ball point pens and really enjoyed using the them... I never did ANYTHING like this. The funny part? The artist is a lawyer... drawing is only a hobby for them!!!! I give up! It's official!!! I'm packing up my pens as I speak ... ;-)

  • ❀ HillTopPerch ❀

    Samuel Silva's Incredible Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings............... I thought ballpoint pen drawings were inherently monochromatic, but then I discovered Samuel Silva’s ballpoint pen art. Using just eight different colored ballpoint pens, Silva creates incredibly photorealistic portraits of people, animals and landscapes. Samuel Silva uses regular BIC ballpoint pens and each drawing can take from 5 to 50 hours to finish. “I don't mix them [colors] nor blend them.

  • Karen Nelson

    Ballpoint pen artwork titled 'Redhead Girl' (© Samuel Silva, Link to other ballpoint pen works of art from this artist. Simply AMAZING.

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