Isaiah 41:10 - AMEN!

wow. this is so true. in our lives, people come and go, but He never leaves us. <3

I have no clue what God is doing in me right now, but I feel like laughing, crying, singing and screaming all at the same time, and I'm in a fantastic mood.

Christian Art Print. 1 John 4:16. God is Love. Bible Verse. Hand Drawn Typography. 8.5 x 11. #loveisgod

A wonderful verse to always keep close to the heart



I need to remember this every day.

10 ways to love.

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Isaiah 14:27 Bible quotes

His Word

Isaiah 43:2-3

There have been some painful days and dark nights in my life, but I look back and I am so thankful because God showed me just how awesome life can be when I turn to Him and His purpose. I am now an athlete with discipline and strength. Because of His grace I see how hard I can push myself and how it feels to not be afraid to live!!! DON'T let the pain take away your dreams, there is hope!

Psalm 51:10

The truth

Scripture Art, Bible Verse Art, Faith Based Art, Luke 1:45, 5x8 art print on wood

In God Alone...

isaiah 41:10