Coral-y lipstick red contrasts beautifully with wonderfully detailed white millwork in this elegant family room. Lovely English crewel-work style fabric draped over the round table topped by a tall flower arrangement.

Today I have the great pleasure of sharing with you my interview with interior designer Mary McDonald. Mary's work is nothing short of a ma...

As each of these rooms reveals, Mary McDonald invariably combines white and Chinoiserie. The white elements may be Chinoiserie - pagoda bed.

foam core bridal show display | found this dining room photo in Elle Decor while doing some research ...

Aerin Lauder's Dining Room Decor - The tablecloth in the Manhattan dining room is made of a Jim Thompson silk, the ceiling fixture is by Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, the painting is by Alberto Burri, and the wall color is a custom mix by Donald Kaufman Color.

Chinoiserie Chic - chair! the chair... Love the silver table....& I especially love the red Dutch door!

Adore the chiang mai chair, the red dutch door, the red highboy, the brown walls, everything about this little nook!