Furniture-style Dog Exercise Pen $395

My diy custom size play pen for my pup. Made from pvc, mosquito netting and zip ties. So easy to do and inexpensive.

Dog Pet Pen Playpen CLS-960 Small - Pink:

Convertible Elite Free Standing Pet Gate / Exercise Pen, 4 Panel

Recycle baby bassinet into an absolutely adorable and unique pet bed!!! Works well for both cats and small dogs! ;)

2nd wow...Dog House Interior 2 by homerebuilders. except i would put solid dividers between the dogs so they dont get overwhelmed by the other dogs

Large, Portable and Easy-to-use-and-maintain Pen for Smaller Dogs, READY-to-FINISH Solid MAPLE with Waterproof, Machine-washable Floor

Dog Harness And Leash - Leads, Designer Small Dog Harness, Susan Lanci, Pink, Cute, Couture High End


Training small dogs is no more difficult than training large dogs; here are some training tips.

What a simple, yet great idea for the deck area or front porch, so that the dog can hang out while you lounge around on the lawn furniture...hook to hold the dog leash.

good tutorial for making a patio potty for small dogs. nothing too exciting, looks really easy to do.

Dog Crate Cover Ensemble (5 pieces) Custom Embroidery is Free (on 2 items) via Etsy

the Coop Pet Home - that is one fab mod pet bed!

Dog bed so they can dig around in the blankets and get comfy.

How clever is this repurposed crib turned into a dog crate from My Love 2 Create.

Hudson's House: Personalized Pet Food Area. elevated dog bowls. diy pet food bowls. To put in my mud room!

Crate trainings dos and dont's for dog owners [Infographic] -Training your dog to use a crate can help better prepare your canine friend for travel and give him a safe space. -Posted Mar 13, 2014

So much nicer instead of crates...more like a real den. And goes with the decor! Easy to make too...try gutting old floor model tv's!!! The hinged door is also a great addition! ~ Di

dog crate console