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Did you know that you can stop cut apples from browning in your kids lunchbox by tying it back together with a rubberband?

Prevent a sliced apple from browning with a rubber band. Cut apple and place rubber band over it and put in your kids lunch box.

"This lady has amazing tricks!! Pin now read later!" the mascara one is brilliant

MAKE MASCARA LAST LONGER! A typical mascara dries out before half of it is used. When your favorite mascara starts getting dry, add drops of saline solution or eyedrops to the bottle. Insert your wand and stir and TA-DA! Who knew?

adorable idea for a cute little surprise in your kids lunch...

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Love the pirate! 20 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids I Bento Box Lunch Ideas I Kids Lunch Boxes - ParentMap

reuse candles for homemade scentsy! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Diy scentsy bars -- Using a candle warmer, melt your favorite scent, then pour into an ice cube tray. Freeze for about 20 minutes until hard and pop right out. So going to try this.

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

100 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids. A collection of lunch recipe ideas for parents for school lunches that are easy and yummy.

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Life Hacks

12 creative ideas that will change your life things tips crafts and diy

Lunch box idea list // kids lunch food ideas

How to Pack your Lunch 100 Healthy Snack Ideas. His & Hers Health Guide Healthy Lunches :) Lunch Box Ideas Free Printable

Milk and Buttermilk  things you can freeze 18

20 Ways To Use Your Freezer To Save Time And Money

Tips: ~Top 31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money ~ ("ever wonder why plastic milk jugs have those circle indents on the side? They are there to allow milk to expand while freezing! I had no idea!") ~ Great site with the best freezer tips

Lunch box ideas. My kids can pick what they want for their lunch. Can have the number of items from each basket listed on front. Genius!!!

Grab-and-Go Snack Stashes

What Are The Benefits Of Vodka I (besides drinking...)

21 DIY household ideas for VODKA! OMG you can do more than just drink vodka I had no idea!

Set of 4 Kids Themed Shapes Sandwich Cutters

Set of 4 Kids Themed Shapes Sandwich Cutters

Totally easy for lunch fun! There's no need to use a knife, find some fun cutters!

How to fix a Shirt that has SHRUNK!!!That form-fitting shirt you absolutely adore went into the washer a perfect fit, but came out looking like a toddler's shirt. Before you scream, holler and throw it in the garbage, give it a little stretch. Most shrunken fabrics can be molded back into shape with a little time and muscle, and will keep your belly under your shirt where it belongs.

How to Fix a Shirt That has Shrunk in the Wash

How to fix a shirt that has shrunk. Glad to have found this since a shirt ended up in the dryer accidently.

Ameisen können bestimmte intensive Gerüche nicht ausstehen. Der Geruch von Basilikum, Oregano, Knoblauch (wirkt auch bei Schnecken), Sellerie, Rosmarin, Gewürznelken, Muskatnuss oder Zimt ist diesen Tierchen einfach zu stark. Mit Hilfe dieser Zutaten lässt sich dann auch ganz einfach ein Anti-Ameisen-Mittel brauen. Ich habe Knoblauch und Muskat gewählt, weil ich das gerade im Haus hatte. …

How to Kill Ants without Pesticides. When you open your cabinets and see ants swarming your spilled sugar, it might be tempting to use strong chemicals to take them all out as soon as possible. However, pesticides are unhealthy for humans,.

Keeley McGuire: Lunch Made Easy: 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids!

If you read the details, some of these lunch ideas would be braces-friendly - check them out! Keeley McGuire: Lunch Made Easy: 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids! {How do you keep lunches fun but easy to prepare during the school year?