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These 2 do everything together!!


fixing to go to the dog park

Out like a light... With mama's shoes on!!

Brian James helpin daddy out

Our nap time!

Caught lil man sharing his PB&J; with Zeus

Mama's lil cowboy!

Brian James is one of the Cadillac's at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX off good ole' Route 66

Brian and Zeus under the bed at the hotel sharing milk

Did I mention he's the coolest dude ever!?


The coolest dude ever!!

Brian James after eating a yogurt pretzel "mmm.. delicious!!'

On his new trike that Granny got for him!

Had a blast at the Sunset Market!

At Sea World!!

before hair cut # 1!!

Out to eat right after his 1st Big boy hair cut!!

Lil man's 1st haircut!! And believe me he was looking rough!! We waited until daddy came home from deployment to cut it so daddy could share at least one of baby's 1st things!

Big blue eye's!!

Mama's little monkey

Stuck!! lol