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SparkLab is a Kickstarter project to outfit a truck with tools and software which drives from school to school bringing teachers and students the resources and equipment they need for hands-on design and building projects. #Kickstarter #SparkLab #Education #Kids

from WeAreTeachers

10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try

10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try : could use for a trailer of what they think of a paper and get them to upload it, or get them to film their interactions when investigating a sci in soc issue, or upload images and group them thematically etc...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

"Short Research Projects" Ten-Project ELA Bundle: Volume I

$- Bundle of TEN "short research projects" to accomplish CCSS W.7 with a variety of prompts and final products so students never get bored! Also includes links to a NF article per project to read, write, and speak!

from Scholastic Teachers

Hand Over the Reins: Student-Driven Projects

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Independent Research Study Planning Pages {Passion Projects, Genius Hour}

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Scientific Method

Step by step interactive exploration of science process extending into a full blown project developed by small groups. Cooperative structures built into the powerpoint.$