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stand up

one love ♥ one life

This girl's life

The Help.

Thank you to all the beautiful friends and loved ones in my life that do this for me!! I LOVE AND ADORE YOU!!

music. dance.

Never thought Id have to deal with my husbands past but it has taught me to stand up for myself, whats right, and the truth :)

Amen! <3

I love my alone time! I think is healthy to spend time alone. you need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person. -Oscar Wilde

*Each day I pray that certain friends will turn into family, my dreams will turn into reality, and my like will turn into a mutual love, and I can spend the rest of my life being thankful for nights that turn into mornings by his side*

Art This is officially one of my favorite quotes on this board if for no other reason then I would die if someone said this to me. falling-in-love-with-love

life motto