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Giuseppe Zanotti - Shoes - 2013 Spring-Summer

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Fresh and elegante: White Casadei Pumps with green elements - 2013 Spring-Summer  designer shoes or boots for girls, low-cost look-alike artist hand bags available for sale, lower price artist garments web store, trend artificial artist sun shades low-cost from suppliers.

Flamingo design shoes by Kobi Levi (and if you think these are interesting, check out the rest on his website!)

SHARK: Just like in the deep waters, Kobi's shark is smooth, shiny and scary with its threatening jaws. The front fin informs of its arrival and alerts you just before the jaws lurking at the back open up to take a bite. USD 1,680.

Prada ♥✤ | omgatos Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful

WANT DESPERATELY! jaws=childhood fascination