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    If only these were wedges.

    Peacock shoes!!!

    These area also awesome.

    I kind of love these.

    Someone find me a cheaper version of these boots. Or feel free to buy me an extravagant gift (size 41, please). $548

    Holy snikes. These heels are to die for.

    Exquisite Peep-toe Lace High-heeled Pumps. So gorgeous.

    DIY Killer Comic Book Heels: Holy hell. I need to make these shoes.

    OMG Someone tell me I don't need these shoes. THEY'RE GLITTERY! These might be better Fabulous Birthday Shoes. (Size 7.5) $68

    Love the stars! $175


    These shoes are dangerously cool. $1,680

    I totally need these shoes. Someone buy them for me for Christmas.

    These are gorgeous.

    Alexander Mcqueen. SKULL SHOES. YES.

    These black and white shoes are fantastic.

    Why must Louboutin shoes be so expensive?

    I need some new pretty shoes.

    Prada striped shoes. I would love these, though with a different color stripe than green.

    If I had like $500 to spend on shoes, this pair of Louboutin could be this year's Fabulous Glittery Birthday Shoes.

    I'm obsessed with finding a new pair of pretty high heels. This would be in the running if I could actually find them for sale.

    Last year's Fabulous Glittery Birthday Shoes. Too tight and narrow, but damn, they're pretty.

    The most amazing pink high heels ever. I need these for my birthday (size 7 1/2 if you're generous). $100