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Sculptured rare Blue Iceberg, compressed & shaped by the sea. Antarctica.

Blue iceberg compressed & shaped by the sea in Antarctica photographed by Bryan & Cherry Alexander

Icicles hanging from inside a crevasse in a glacier. Adelaide Island, Antarctica

The largest ice cap in the Eurasian Arctic - Austfonna in Svalbard - is 150 miles long with a thousand waterfalls in the summer.

Iceberg... This can also reflect our lives. On the surface, not so bad, but inside our brains and heart so much depth.

Iceberg Hidden Depths Poster

Chinstrap Penguins rest on a rare blue Iceberg. Antarctic Prion flies over. Antarctica: Antarctica: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.

Photograph: Cherry Alexander/NHM his magnificent blue iceberg was shot from a ship off the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica. It’s a cathedral of ancient ice, with a little group of Adélie penguins and a prion perfectly positioned overhead.

Gentoo & Chinstrap Penguins on the sculptural form of an ancient blue iceberg. Antarctica.

Gentoo & Chinstrap Penguins on the sculptural form of an ancient blue iceberg in Antarctica.

ice burg beautiful.

Nature landscape photos River of Dream, Kanas Nature Reserve in northern Xinjiang Province, China Nature landscape photos - Iceberg Lagoon,.

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Ice and snow is covering the northern face of Mother Earth. But the wheel of the year is turning and spring will be on its way.


Iceberg Lagoon, Antarctica – Explore The World With Travel Nerd Nici, One Country At A Time.

Cascades de sang, Glacier Taylor - http://www.photomonde.fr/cascades-de-sang-glacier-taylor/

blood Falls is an outflow of an iron oxide-tainted plume of saltwater, occurring at the tongue of the taylor glacier onto the ice-covered surface of west lake bonney in the taylor valley of the mcmurdo dry valleys in victoria land, east antarctica