If Wikipedia Jimmy Wales' threat to turn off the crowd-sourced encyclopedia to protest the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) sent you into a cold sweat, you won't welcome this news.

If You're Happy

think about it

Atlanta all over again!

I can only get that 'Runners' High' by smoking pot before I run, and then not actually running.

Haha! nope.

it only affects certain people......like me. ;)



I faxed my legislators letting them know I don't approve of SOPA and PIPA. Fax your legislators now. http://hellofax.com/StopSOPA #SOPA

13 of the Best SOPA's Protests and Memes (SOPA memes) - ODDEE i just had nowhere else to put this.

Do you know someone who resembles this remark? ....Bueller?


pretty much....

Ha ha!

innovation at its finest.

Hard to say...


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yeah this is quite a bit more accurate