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    If Wikipedia Jimmy Wales' threat to turn off the crowd-sourced encyclopedia to protest the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) sent you into a cold sweat, you won't welcome this news.




    Haha! nope.


    Do you know someone who resembles this remark? ....Bueller?

    So true #funny #quote

    Funny Dos Equis Quotes | TOPIC: Carry all of the groceries in ONE trip?

    I'm glad someone else realizes.

    y'all. you know you love it.


    Guarantee this will make you happy.

    yup yup

    Pinterest.... TRUTH! The vortex that is, has swallowed me!

    yeah this is quite a bit more accurate


    Seriously, grade your freaking tests.

    I absolutely adore sarcasm, don't you? Unfortunately the people this is directed towards, usually don't catch on lol

    Oatmeal's "Cat trying to get attention" piece. SO HILARIOUS.

    For all you Twilight-ers out there.