• Cindy Hammond

    These are awesome shoes. I miss mine, snow go away!

  • Blanche Mukendi

    Note to self: Not for short toes.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    These are super funny looking---but are supposed to best strength building running shoe Vibram Five Fingers-Sprint $80.00 (There's tons of models for all types of sports...not just sprint/track)

  • Robin Ganstrom

    I want to try a pair of these. I love going barefoot, but there are some times and places where it just doesn't work or isn't appropriate. I don't know if they'd fit though, I have long toes.

  • Kristen Courtney

    I have this exact pair! :)

  • Alyssa Hallaway

    But I want a hot pink pair

  • MIni Scientist

    next best after toe socks :D

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want one of these!

:) <-- Here you go.


High five to that!


Hell yeah!

Love this !!



I love you too, tiny human!

Enough said.


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I love me some ochocinco!!

I own a pair of these and LOVE them! Very comfy!!

need it

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