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Challenge accepted!

reading challenge. I wonder if I could do this...

So, I've only read 33 of these books (give or take a few), but it just makes me really happy that this exists---How Many Books From "Gilmore Girls" Have You Read

Everyday Planet: The BBC Top 100 Books ...

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40 Banned Books :)

100 Books That Will Make You a Smarter, More Attractive, and Generally More Interesting Young Adult -- recommended reading list for high school students

I have read 5 of these. The others are now on my list!

I need to start now!

19 Magical Bookshops Every Book Lover Must Visit Not for me, but I know he'd enjoy it

101 Books to Read this Summer

25 Series to Read if you LOVE the Hunger Games #books

Old old books

20 Books you should read in your 20's. challenge accepted.

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Books Make Me Happy HAHA, FUNNY!

Books to infinity