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How can you resist that sweet face? This adorable baby deer named Pinot was photographed by Joshua Uhl.

this looks alot like the little one we've seen about 6 times since moving into our house

Fawn. About the age of Clarice when she came to our home... Her Mother must have been murdered and she needed food to survive. She still comes when I call her to eat every day.

Fawn and paint companies may try it but nothing comes even close...

Muueh!...Uhm, This Place Is Really Nice...Samissomar's Pinterests Are So Wonderful !... samissomarspace.w...

Deer and Rabbit are unlikely companions

If we would determine to harvest what we first see to fill our immediate needs, with few stipulations, then follow strict management regulatory limitations, then and only then will our quality deer herds will thrive.

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